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Scopa rules

scopa rules

Play Scopa online now, free of charge. Here you'll always find enough fellow gamers in the biggest online Scopa community. Quick gameplay, great graphics. Scopa (italienisch für Besen) ist ein beliebtes italienisches Kartenspiel. Gespielt wird üblicherweise mit einem eigenen Deck, den sogenannten neapolitanische  ‎ Die Karten · ‎ Punkte · ‎ Spielverlauf · ‎ Varianten. Scopa Rules. La Scopa is one of the easiest Italian card games to play. It is played with a card deck. The values of the cards are: * Il Asso (The Ace) — 1 point.


How to play scopa in 3 minutes scopa rules Many of the variations profi tipp can be combined. After all players have played all three cards, the dealer deals out three more cards to each player, again beginning with the player to his right. The card which obtained this point is placed face up crossing the pile of captured ones, as a visible reminder. Should this too be a draw, the point is not given. If playing in teams, the team members combine their captured cards before counting to calculate points. It is traditional to stagger each of the matches in the pile so that you can rapidly count cards at the end of the game. Your name will be scopa rules.


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